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Traditional skirt sewing masterclass

The masterclass will take part over two seperate events.

Consultations on choosing a traditional costume

The first event will occur on the 11th of December (and if you cannot make it live you can also join via a zoom session) where we will discuss how to choose what costume you want to make, where to find materials (including weavers for the skirt fabric), how long the process may take as well as answer any specific questions you might have.

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The second event will be a month later on the 21st of January when we will get on with sewing the skirts ourselves. We are very lucky to have two different experienced makers to help guide us and show us exactly what to do next. This is an in person event.

Questions and Signing up

If you do have any specific questions you want answered by our experts feel free to send them in advance so we can research the answers for you. If you have any questions regarding the event(s) or want to sign up please send an email to

If you cannot make the first event in person we will send you a zoom link to the email provided later

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